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"Tim is a British-Thai business mogul with ties to the Thai Royal family and has been a game changer in the fields of investments and entertainment."

British-Thai business mogul and a member of the Thai royal family, Tim Connor (Jayankura Na Ayudhya), has been a game-changer in the fields of investments and entertainment.

Unlike most Royal descendants, where one bloodline would exist, Tim's bloodline spawned from two prominent Thai Royal families, The Kasemsri and The Jayankura dynasties. He is the Great Grandson of Mom Chao Jayankura (Her Serene Highness Princess).

Well-respected as a credible investor, Tim has led many businesses to thrive through investments and leadership. Over the years, Tim's success has been amplified by industry players—with his words of advice and opinion getting featured in various publications worldwide. Now, his eyes are set on the goal of expanding his investment portfolio across the Middle East and Asia. Catering to the high-end market, his new ventures redefine the concept of destination assets that highlight custom architecture, potential economic growth within the territory, and long term substantially.


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Corporate hospitality events are seeing a good ROI

The UK has been spoilt for choice in recent years when it comes to major sporting events. The 2012 Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games of 2014 and the Rugby World Cup the following year all presented huge opportunities to those wanting to entertain corporate clients.

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A Business Wish List For 2018

I see 2018 as a year business can buck trends

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Windowdressing May Not Draw In Young Voters

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In a post Brexit world we need to remain a hub...

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We need to go back to the very basics.

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Learning from mistakes can help businesses thrive

Acknowledging failure isn't easy, but what you learn from it is key

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We're multi-millionaires but we shop at Aldi and haggle for free drinks

Tim Connor and Francesca Armstrong both have a weakness for fancy designer shoes, with Fran owning hundreds including her favourite, Louboutins.

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Eat'N Stays - UAE

Thai Royalty And Serial Entrepreneur Tim Connor Eyes UAE As Next Investment Destination For 2022

Tim Connor and Francesca Armstrong both have a weakness for fancy designer shoes, with Fran owning hundreds including her favourite '“ Louboutins.

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